Waste-to-Energy. Simplified.

The supply chain is the circulatory system for waste to energy projects. But, it still largely runs on paper. EnMass Energy is changing this with a strategic operating model for modern energy businesses that powers more transparent, more agile, more efficient, and more profitable waste to energy feedstock supply chains.

One Platform to
Manage Everything

EnMass Energy brings together technology, infrastructure, and expertise to deliver real-time communication, oversight, and a far better fuel procurement and project operation experience.


Only EnMass Energy connects all the parties in waste to energy – suppliers, transporters, trucking companies, warehousing, processors, and last-mile deliveries – through a single, secure cloud-based platform.

Logistics Infrastructure

In addition to offering access to multiple waste streams for energy purposes, EnMass Energy is building an entire online marketplace for waste to energy procurement, with each supplier connected by high-frequency truck freight line-hauls creating regional hub-spoke networks.

Supply Chain Expertise

EnMass Energy delivers 24/7/365 human support, where customers can interact with a core team of operations professionals. We also offer additional supply chain and energy project services to take new or existing projects to a new level of efficiency.

Reliable Transit Times

Connecting our tech, infrastructure, and expertise gives clients what they’ve always wanted: full chain of custody. By tracking delivery shipments through our technology platform, plus our third party suppliers using our electronic logging devices (ELD), we are able to provide objective ground truth on transit times. And, when clients choose EnMass Energy for end-to-end fuel supply service, our network can save them a significant amount of wasted capital resources.

Visibility and Oversight for
Supply Chains

Our online dashboard gives clients more control over their supplies in motion than ever before – allowing them to better match supply and project operations, reducing working capital, enabling new project development, increasing business agility, and helping drive project growth.

Low Supply Chain Costs

Full procurement and delivery information, as well as historic performance data are the keys to optimizing waste to energy supply chain efficiency and unlocking savings. At the same time, access to all the purchase orders placed by our customer base allows us to consolidate fuel procurement activities, providing discounts to those with lower capacity at their project sites.

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