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The EnMass Energy founders have been working on energy issues for years, and turned their attention to the energy crisis in developing countries in 2012. After working in the global renewable energy sector, and specifically on power projects in South Asia, the founders realized that they had an innovative solution to energy scarcity.


Meet the Modern
Fuel Forwarder

EnMass Energy was initially founded as a group of collaborative organizations that could each play vital and specific roles in the process required to build, supply, and invest in power projects using agricultural waste in developing countries in Asia and Africa. The operational model eventually grew from supporting and implementing small scale pilot projects generating industrial steam to a portfolio approach to development in order to levelize the cost of fuel procurement and supply.

In recent years, EnMass Energy has expanded internationally into markets that face similar conditions, and a reliance on fossil fuels. Along the way, additional innovations in the way we apply our sourcing models, weather data, and logistics optimization have generated a streamlined organization that now supports the supply and operation of waste-to-energy projects across the globe.

Our Vision

EnMass Energy exists at the intersection of tech, energy, and waste generation – making our solutions relevant to every corner of the world. As more and more of the world’s citizens become interconnected through smartphone and communication platforms, our ability to expand our services grows as well. With the impacts of climate change already being felt, our goal is a world in which the majority of our waste is used for beneficial purposes. We are working to create circular, regional energy economies throughout the globe.

Advanced Technology

We offer access to all required nodes of procurement and supply, as well as a growing network of transport, logistics, and warehouses.

Logistics Infrastructure

Only Flexport connects all the parties in global trade through a single, secure cloud-based platform.

Human Expertise

EnMass Energy delivers 24/7/365 human support, in which customers can interact with a core team of operations professionals.

Global Sustainability

We enable customers to carbon offset all of their shipments and offer support to NGOs and other aid services through our Partner Portal.

EnMass Energy Leadership

At EnMass Energy, expertise is a core component in all of our services. That’s why we’re led by industry experts with decades of technology and supply chain experience who are driven to waste to anything easier for everyone.

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