Move Your Career Forward

The greater the challenge, the bigger the reward. EnMass Energy is building the only waste-to-energy supply platform. It’s a big job, with huge upside. Are you up for it?

Making Waste-to-Energy Possible.

Building a truly circular economy means capturing efficiencies at every possible step. Creating and optimizing efficient systems is why we get out of bed in the mornings. 

End to End Thought

Systems design and considering amplifies our impact. We specialize without losing perspective on the big picture and broader goals.

Dive Deep

We dive deep to understand every detail, actively learning, documenting, and sharing knowledge. We are experts in our daily work and how it connects to Flexport’s larger systems.

Drive Agility

We observe the world, orient that information in proper context, make good decisions, and hold ourselves accountable for decisive action. This is how we move with more velocity—speed in the right direction—than our competitors.

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