Unlock Your
Project Data
Your Way

Save time, reduce errors, and improve decision making with integrations that automate the flow of information between EnMass Energy and your existing system.

APIs Add Advantage at Every Step

Deploy our growing collection of APIs to gather data throughout your project lifecycle, from booking creation and delivery tracking to invoicing. You design the information flow and automate the integration of your internal systems to save time, reduce errors, and improve decision making.

Interconnected EDIs Are Ready for Action

Access integrations between EnMass Energy and your systems that are ready to deliver data to power up the visibility, predictability, and effectiveness of your supply chain. We support most major, industry-standard Electronic Data Interchanges (EDI) favored by established companies and their IT departments.

Transformative Custom Integrations

By customizing your integrations to EnMass Energy’s platform, you can unlock the full power of your supply chain data to achieve digital transformation, growth, and strategic advantage within a fast-moving marketplace.


Track Fulfillment
Without Calling Your

Stay up to date and on the same page as your procurement partners. With our API, you can automate PO creation and booking, and achieve line-item visibility into your procurement needs from start to finish.


Make Booking Forms

Reduce time spent on manual tasks and improve accuracy in your supply chain. EnMass Energy’s Booking API can deliver bookings automatically from your system into the EnMass Energy platform. Create a single source of truth for various records, including involved parties, transport details, product and compliance details, service selections, and environmental impact — all without manual data entry.

Track More Than Just Your

With EnMass Energy’s Customer Portal you can keep track of your supplies and use the results to analyze your entire supply chain. Whether you retrieve data on a regular cadence or subscribe to our push-style webhooks, the Customer Portal helps you record the status of every delivery and its contents, feed the results into your system, and perform historical analysis to craft better logistics processes and ultimately cut costs.


Better Understand Your
Supply Chain Costs

Retrieve current and historical invoices directly through the EnMass Energy Customer Portal or our Invoices API. Easily determine the payment status, cost and an itemized breakdown of your procurement costs. 

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