Technological Advancements in Ag Sector

Technological Advancements in Ag Sector

Agriculture is such an activity through which a man of primitive era has abled to adopt a lifestyle which is completely settled. Due to the advancements is this particular sector, rural societies were formed which after some years took the shape of great civilizations of this world. Climate scenario has been changed and it is still changing because of the green revolution. Green revolution means smart agriculture in order to meet the increasing demand of food. The advancement led to a better management in the fields of, pest control, food stock and livestock etc.

21st century and agriculture:

The period of twenty first century is marked to be the period of advancements in the field of technology especially when it comes to internet, wireless or even agriculture. The internet of things or ioT is making our lifestyles a lot better either it is for city infrastructure or electricity generation management etc. Technology is playing a very vital role in order to improve not only the quantity of seeds or crops, but also to improve the quality of them. All the equipment’s which are required in this particular sector are also improved.

Present market trends:

In the view of the report of food and agricultural organization, the global population would increase to approximately 9 billion in 2050, which is alarming. The reason is that in order to feed this much population the agricultural sector has to produce 50% more in the year of 2050. It is quite evident that such a significant change can never be possible without the technological advancements. It is to be noted that because of the intense use of water and soil resources and constant change in climate we need to prepare for the future challenges. Smart agriculture revolution is struggling hard in order to cope up with such challenges.

Smart green revolution:

In order to deal with such problems, smart green revolution has paid special attention to the yield of agricultural sector. Smart green revolution is improving the water irrigation system for the farming. They are using not only drones but also sensors; they are already in the category of those who are developed. Smart green revolution has focused some important sector to make over all improvements.

Water management:

Water management for the crops is very essential. The reason is that the seedling will only grow healthily when the right amount of water is used. For example if you induce seeds at such a place which is completely flooded then the seed will never grow in such a place. Because the right amount of water is not being used. Only through technology you can utilize the limited resource of water. It is the duty of the farmers to analyze the proper amount of water.

Use of pesticides must be under control:

It is quite obvious that the use of pesticides in crops is not only beneficial but crucial too at the same time. Sensors are used in order to analyze if any pest is harming your farms. Pests are the serious drawback that can cause serious monetary damages to the farmers.

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