Utility Scale Projects

Every utility has unique challenges. EnMass Energy works with utility partners to develop the best possible arrangement. Our energy experts will ensure that you get reliable and clean electricity at low cost relative to traditional power generation options.

Private Utilities

We work to deliver stable returns to investors while also meeting the demands of our customers. As a result, EnMass Energy is the perfect subcontractor or generation partner for a private utility looking to grow their renewable portfolio. Our projects can demonstrate an increased commitment to different types of power generation, along with environmentally sustainable power.

National Grids

EnMass Energy is the perfect partner for national power grid operators looking for renewable solutions to power shortfalls. We have decades of experience working within power grids to ensure reliable supply to customers, both public and private.

Off-Grid Utilities

EnMass Energy understands the difficulty of building out electricity supply infrastructure, and as a result, is well-versed in the needs that off-grid and mini-grid solutions require. EnMass is dedicated to solving global energy poverty, and is the perfect option for any client looking for baseload power generation in an area with limited or no power infrastructure in place.

Power Purchase Agreements

EnMass Energy’s Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) structure gives clients the opportunity to use clean and reliable electricity from our biomass power generation projects with no up-front costs. We own and operate the system, and sell power to you at a fixed rate. This way, you can put your capital to work in other ways, while still receiving the benefits of clean and reliable electricity. For organizations that want to own their own power generation assets, we offer project investment opportunities. We will design, build, and provide operational and maintenance support based on your unique requirements.

Unparalleled Attention To Detail

Decades of Experience in Power Planning and Execution

Site Analysis

Expert power and environmental engineers survey your site to determine its suitability for an EnMass Energy project.

Community Engagement

We work with key stakeholders to ensure that EnMass Energy projects positively impact local communities.

Permitting Interconnection

Our development team works with national, regional, and local governments to secure permits and get projects moving quickly.

Project Design

Our power engineers excel in designing projects that suit your unique circumstances, have a positive impact on the environment, and use resources most efficiently.


We specialize in Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPC). Our experts ensure that projects are built to specifications and incorporate inputs from clients.

Operation and Maintenance

Lastly, we setup a new operation and maintenance team at each project site to ensure that electricity is produced continually without interruption.