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We are firm believers in the value of the public sector in making our communities safe and vibrant places to live. We depend on public sector employees to keep our future bright. That’s why we want to give back by helping public sector organizations face a new challenge: simultaneously meeting growing energy demands and sustainability goals — and doing so at competitive prices.

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EnMass Energy maintains close ties with major academic, development, and government institutions. Our work is the basis for a significant amount of academic research, and our cutting edge approach has revolutionized how people think about implementing biomass power projects.

Your Sustainability Partner

Our team is ready to help you turn this new challenge into an opportunity. We have worked with municipal, provincial, and federal governments around the world in the development of biomass power generation projects that not only produce renewable electricity, but also create a new source of revenue for local farmers.

Beyond Sustainability

Sustainability is vital for the public sector. But when it comes to energy generation, most existing systems are unsustainable. Our biomass power generation facilities can serve as the foundation of a public sector sustainability program by producing reliable and renewable electricity, along with long-term financial benefits for many years to come. What’s more, our facilities provide local jobs and create new value for local smallholder farmers.
  • Community Engagement: We can help promote your sustainability efforts to your community and your stakeholders.
  • Private Sector Applications: We have experience with public organizations that makes us the perfect private sector partner.

Zero Upfront Costs

It’s no secret that energy markets can be volatile. This is particularly challenging for the public sector because of fixed budgets and spending limitations. That’s one of the reasons why we offer a unique Power Purchase Agreement that completely removes the risk of biomass power generation: we don’t ask for any funds upfront, and you can lock-in a fixed price for electricity for several years into the future. We see the beauty in simplicity, and understand its value for our public sector clients. Complicated financial arrangements tend to add risk — something that public sector organizations need to avoid. Our PPAs are simple to understand, transparent, and reliable.

Harness The Hidden Power of Crop Waste

It’s now possible to turn agricultural crop wastes into energy and other valuable products. Farmers now have the opportunity to sell crop residues as inputs into EnMass Energy’s biomass power generation facilities. This way, our projects create a new revenue stream for local farmers while providing sustainable electricity for those who need it most. Working with us is easy. We handle the entire project development process and don’t charge a cent until the plant starts producing electricity.
Benefits of Our Partnerships


Our founders have been a part of renewable and non-renewable energy project development for more than a decade. And for the past ten years, our team has been busy optimizing the biomass power generation process and securing supply chains to improve the cost performance of our power plants. Our expertise is the reason why we can offer renewable electricity at competitive prices that beat fossil fuel power generation options. We believe that our biomass power generation process is the ideal solution for public sector organizations. We want to share what we’ve built with you, so we can grow together.

Our Long Term Vision

Experience is worth nothing without vision: we’re so confident in the longevity of our projects that we are prepared to offer 20-year PPAs for fixed electricity prices. We will always need to produce food, and this production process will always produce waste products. Our business model is sustainable, and so are its benefits. We’re always thinking about the long term. We don’t just develop our projects and leave, we set them up for long term success by hiring professional engineers and field technicians to manage and maintain the facility 24/7.

Public Partner

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Public Stakeholder Engagement

EnMass Energy Understands How the Public Sector Works

Partnerships with Development Banks

Our projects have been developed to provide the greatest amount of impact possible per investment dollar. This means that development banks and intergovernmental bodies can support our projects with the knowledge that there are significant co-benefits felt by our host communities at multiple levels.

Benefits of Our Partnerships

Increased Access to Raw Data

Big data is at the core of what we do and how we implement our projects. We are constantly developing and expanding our quantitative tools for analyzing how our projects (and their supporting infrastructures) work, and measuring the impacts they have. Any organization that works with EnMass Energy can access any data necessary to qualify the impact of their involvement.

Community Outreach

EnMass Energy has built a wide network of partners and clients. Organizations that work with us gain a significant amount of global exposure, and are frequently discussed on the community level. We take pride in our work, and we make sure our partners commitments are represented as well.

EnMass Energy represents a new way of thinking about an old and often ignored problem.

Billy Pizer
Professor , Duke University

Partnerships with Goverments

EnMass Energy understands the complex pressures government bodies can be under when trying to decide where infrastructure investment dollars go. EnMass has worked with any number of government actors throughout the developing world, and as a result, is versed in the most low-impact development processes that let governments focus on governing.

Partnerships with Foundations

EnMass Energy is working with many of the biggest NGO's and foundations, but there is always room for more. With each additional partner that supports our projects, our ability to touch and improve lives expands. We look forward to working with any organization looking to create a positive impact on peoples lives.


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