Power Generation

Complete Turnkey Energy Solutions

World-Class Engineering

Our Team consists of some of the most experienced and talented engineers and technologists in the biomass industry, and they’re available 24/7 to address any issue​.

Hassle Free

Electricity from our biomass facilities is seamlessly delivered to your facility like any other grid-tied electricity source, so all you have to worry about is what to do with the electricity that we send your way.


We offer several power purchase agreement structures to suit any business requirement or constraint.

Captive Projects

Electricity with Zero Upfront Costs

EnMass Energy reduces your overall electricity costs by avoiding expensive — and greenhouse gas-intensive — alternatives such as diesel, fuel oil, or kerosene. Through our innovative Power Purchase Agreement (PPA), we can deliver electricity to your business at lower rates than utilities and with zero up-front costs.

Mini and Micro Grids

Clean, Reliable, and Low-Cost Projects

We can help utilities meet mandated renewable energy and emission reduction requirements at prices that beat fossil fuel power generation. Utilities that are still growing their infrastructure can use EnMass Energy minigrids to create the demand centers of the future.

Utility Scale

The Clean Power You Need, When You Need It

Every utility has unique challenges. EnMass Energy works with utility partners to develop the best possible arrangement. Our energy experts will ensure that you get reliable and clean electricity at low cost relative to traditional power generation options.