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Harnessing the Hidden Power of Crop Waste

The EnMass Energy Biomass Custom Acquisition Collection and Hybrid Evaluation (CACHE) System

CACHE is a mobile service that links smallholder farmers to other actors in the agro-value chain. The CACHE system is composed of a web site and mobile application that are used by organizations (companies, cooperatives, governments) working with large numbers of small farmers in a large scale contract farming arrangement. The platform uses mobile technology to help small-holder farmers monitor their farms, conduct field assessments and increase grower transparency. CACHE simplifies the management of large numbers of small-holder farmers, increases traceability, and enables access to formal markets for stakeholders.

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PaudaPay is a mobile application used to connect with our rural fuel suppliers, procure available agricultural waste, and process payments to our stakeholders in a transparent manner.

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About Our System

Organized Farmer Campaigns

  • Farmers and fields can be part of larger campaigns

  • View planting details of each field and combined total acreage of the campaign

  • Track farming inputs, stakeholders, and equipment usage

  • Monitor inventory levels and procurement activities

  • Communicate with field teams and and stakeholder farmers via internal systems and SMS

Procurement and Supply Reliability

  • Yield forecasts

  • Expected crop harvest and and biomass quality/quantities

  • Accurate harvests per farmer

  • Harvest accounting and transactions

Transparent and Cash-less Accounting

  • Full traceability from farm to firm

  • Regular audits of transactions

  • Simplify provision of credit to farmers

  • View complete credit history for farmer

  • Send reminders for outstanding payments

Field Team Surveys and Data Gathering

  • Ability to swiftly generate surveys for field staff

  • Synchronize surveys across entire field team

  • Geolocation of survey responses

  • Integration of all survey data 

Connected Regional Networks

  • Predictive analytics based on market specific data

  • Integration with any existing tools or systems 

  • Ability to onboard third party service providers

  • Backend management of entire networks

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