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Clean energy from EnMass Energy is safe, cost effective, local, and sustainable. We’re engaging with our host communities to ensure that clean energy provides real, tangible benefits for all stakeholders.


to the Community

As the ongoing operators of the projects we develop, we’re committed to the community for the long term. Our employees like to get involved in community charity work, including fundraising and participating in local events.

Local causes are important to us too. For example in Pakistan, our employees regularly volunteer with local organizations and companies to work directly with farmers and day laborers to encourage increased crop growth and higher agricultural yields.

Economically Invigorating

Clean energy projects can invigorate a local community. In addition to clean renewable power, our projects generate shared benefits for the local community. During the construction phase, biomass projects stimulate increased local business activity to support development, construction and operations. Economic benefits also accrue to the community through property tax arrangements and income from land leases with local landowners.

Environmentally Sound

Biomass power is both clean and renewable which helps offset two of the most damaging effects of conventional
electricity generation - air pollution and natural resource depletion. However, like any other form of development,the
construction of renewable energy facilities does need to be thoroughly and professionally managed.

Utilizing our in-house team of environmental scientists, we perform a thorough analysis of the entire project and
consider the implications to habitat and wildlife during every step of the development process - from initial planning, to
construction, to erecting transmission lines. We’re dedicated to going beyond simply adhering to local, state and federal
standards by developing innovative solutions to mitigate and manage environmental and habitat impact during site
preparation, system installation and during the operation of our clean energy power plants.

Driven by Education

and Farmer Focused

Driven by our incredible advances in supply chain optimization, local renewable energy projects are helping us solve many of the environmental and national security challenges we face today. But we’ve only just begun. That’s why we’re investing in the next generation of agricultural leaders and innovators.

We work with our local partners to disseminate best practices to smallholder farmers and workers in the field.

Climate Smart Agriculture Program

We are working in multiple regions to implement Climate Smart Agriculture (CSA) practices, which limit the amount of heavily-processed farming inputs and therefore decreases carbon and methane emissions from farming activities. In addition to limited greenhouse gases, CSA can increase the value of farmed crops and provide more value to the individual farmer from the same amount of land.

While we strive for effective and meaningful community engagement, we are very receptive to feedback from community members about how we can do better. Email us at to let us know how we’re doing, support clean energy, or inquire about any other questions you may have.

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