Captive Power Generation Projects

How do we beat utility rates? EnMass Energy designs, builds, and owns its own biomass power generation facilities. Our
business customers purchase electricity from us directly at substantially lower rates than traditional power.

Our customers benefit from:

Locked-in electricity prices for up to 20 years

A steady and reliable supply of electricity regardless of operational market or geographic location

Improved financial planning and budgeting transparency

Industrial Uses

With EnMass Energy’s 24-hour electricity delivery, there’s no need to rely on expensive and dirty back-up diesel generators. Our projects can increase the economic viability of manufacturers and industrial groups while reducing equipment maintenance and overhaul costs. Our projects are managed to ensure zero breakdowns and increased productivity.

Commercial Uses

EnMass Energy understand that the power needs of businesses and commercial concerns are drastically different than a residential consumer. We work with each of our clients to create a unique project design that fits individual needs. Our team has designed power projects all over the world, and is able to help you get back to work.

Residential Uses

Communities need reliable and uninterrupted power delivery to ensure residents enjoy a comfortable, serene existence. EnMass Energy is working with some of the foremost global real estate developers and community groups to provide bulk power supplies and reduce the need for small-scale diesel generators.

Our Captive Projects

Textile Processing Firms

Punjab, Pakistan

EnMass Energy has multiple supply contracts with established textile firms operating in Pakistan. Our projects will ensure economic viability for those struggling to compete with other textile players outside of Pakistan. Our development is scheduled to ensure our partners have uninterrupted power supplied to their facilities on-site, which means no more lost revenue from reliance on the grid.

New Real Estate Developments

Punjab, Pakistan

EnMass Energy is currently developing projects within a large-scale supply contract for new community developments outside of Lahore, Pakistan. These projects will range in size from 5 to approximately 15 MW in capacity, and will ensure new residential housing built in the area does not need to rely on grid power supplied by the local government.

Large Scale Organized Communities

Punjab, Pakistan

EnMass Energy is helping to increase property values in organized communities by fulfilling long-term supply contracts for electricity from biomass. The residents of these communities no longer have to worry about uninterrupted power supply systems or on-site diesel generators for their power needs.

Light Manufacturing and Processing

Punjab, Pakistan

EnMass Energy is working with an industrial group in Lahore to supply on-site captive power from renewable biomass. This power is more reliable and cheaper than the grid, and allows the client to operate 24 hours a day without switching between multiple different fuels or technologies when the grid voltage fluctuates or fails.