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An Agricultural Breakthrough by Chinese Researchers

The Chinese researchers have made a remarkable discovery in the field of agriculture. They have revealed that the population on earth can be fed without causing any harm to the planet. In a colossal study that has cost 54 million dollars and hard work of over 1000 researchers and some 65,000 bureaucrats from local areas, this agricultural miracle was made possible. The study is rightly called a miracle throughout the world, by the academics as the results shown are a wonderful discovery.

The Chinese farmers have saved over 12.2 billion dollars through this project in almost 10 years and have also discovered the answer to a long pending question faced by the Chinese nation: Finding a sustainable solution to feed the world’s biggest population without causing any serious harm to the environment around, as the food demand is likely to be doubled by the year 2050. Different treatment for different crops Beijing’s China Agricultural University has conducted this research involving 13,000 filed studies conducted on ground in many regions of China. The study spanned from 2005 to 2015, noticing the farming practices by local farmers. Keeping in view the notes taken, the researchers advised the farmers of corn, rice and wheat based on their geographic circumstances and needs. The research emphasized on specific needs of different crops, growing in different regions under different weather conditions.

Advice for rice farmers The rice farmers from northeast China were advised to reduce the use of nitrogen-rich fertilizers by almost 20%. They were further advised to focus on fertilizing their crops only by the end of growing season in late spring, than fertilizing the crop throughout growing period. Planting the rice seeds closer also proved more fruitful. The project leader Cui Zhenling later reported that the farmers were skeptical, to start with, but later they counted on the researchers for advice and that was a huge accomplishment for the team members. Reduced Nitrogen Emission The suggestions by the researchers proved to be productive. The monthly journal Nature has published that corn, rice and wheat crops have shown an increase of 11% in crop production and on the other hand, the use of fertilization has dropped by almost 15%. This in return has reduced the amount of Nitrogen released in the air by a drastic 1.2 million tons. These findings have been remarkable as they offer a solution to reduce any effect on global environment while catering the needs of constantly growing population around the world.

Chinese farmers have been practicing use of more nitrogen based fertilizers as compared to other regions of the world. The consumption is estimated 305 kg per hectare which amounts to almost 175,000 pounds per square mile. This soil saturated with fertilizers emits nitrous oxide, which is a major greenhouse gas. The high levels of nitrogen emissions are a global threat to environment and a major factor forcing climate change around the globe. Nitrous gases trap heat even more effectively than carbon dioxide, causing global warming. The increase in crop production is likely to attract farmers outside China as well.

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