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An Approach To Quality Farming And Fair Dealing

Quality food
Farming a good quality of foods is necessary for dealings/trading. Government should not compromise on farming quality as in Brexit. This was reported after a compromised unfair farming quality dealing with U.S. by the national farmers union. This type of dealing not only faded the impression while dealings but also a cause of minimizing the profit than cost.
The NFU’s president addressed at the union annual conference that the cheap food Policy not only effect prices that paid by the consumers but also left the bad environmental impact, lower standers and traceability of products to other countries. Farmers must have smooth trading deals with EU, Meurig Raymond will also tell to Gove. He addressed on Tuesday while environment secretary Michael Gove, delegates and other politician attended this conference. If country comply with world trade organization rules and tariffs then business can grow up. As the profit of £110bn-a-year agriculture and agriculture consumer prices will go up.
Farming committee
Committee is extremely ambitious and pleased about the trade deal with the EU and setting the timetable for this new trade. This committee is selected by food and rural affairs at weekend for the trade deal by the 2020. Government should have secure plans for consumers and business from the sudden traffics change that range from 87%on frozen beef to about 42% on cheddar cheese and 50% on grated cheese. Within 50 years, UK can develop its own farm to fork production strategy for the first time if trading with UE diminished, Gove suggest.
Trading benefits
Gove acknowledges his own country food sector as biggest sector of their country that it can higher the exports of country and meet with falling demand of pounds. Unfortunately, or mistakenly, government policy about agriculture is needed to open new markets. Agriculture plans is very insufficient that were reported in past. He also said about quitting UE trade is befitting country from policies making about British farmers and consumers. That is actually an advantage to meet with own country demand of food and there will be a time span of making new policies to exports with other countries like U.S. This will help in farming a quality food and to easy to trade with other countries.
Government policy
Government plans about animal welfare and its standers must not eroded, he said. Farmers culture and landscape will preserve and new agriculture policies will make by governments, he added. Gove said: “The work farmers should be paid for ensuring the soils that sustain growth in the future, woods are planted to prevent flooding and provide a carbon sink and hedgerows and other habitats will provide a home for wildlife.”

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