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Agro-Technology: Improving Productivity Of Farming

The most important sector of Indian economy is agriculture. It contributes 17% approximately to the GDP. The cost of conventional agriculture is so high that there is a need of technological advancement. The benefit of advance technology is not only it reduce cost of conventional agriculture but also cover up the governmentally provided incentive for enhancing the farming at large scale, as it is a challenge.
“The latest farming approaches like precision farming, vertical farming, hydroponics etc. require efficient technology interventions to ensure better productivity.” An Indian professor Dr. Asharaf said. The farmer can get better knowledge about climate conditioning, future forecasts, market demand and crop pattern by the usage of technological connection. Free Education related farming is also given to farmers to cope with agricultural machinery and other related issues, he added.
The founder of True Farm Foods, Ravi Jakkar, notified that Indian farmers are being enabled to produce and yield more by using technology.
There is a dilemma of quantity vs quality. Technology is associated with genetic engineering and large-scale food processing, destroying the food quality and nutrients. Global warming, growing population, fertile soil and change in climate reduced the food quantity. Most farmers are unaware of technology.
Technology can be used to address the issues of farming. The end goal of farming and technology is to deliver the fresh food to consumers Jakkar said. It is alarming situation that food quality is destroying by adding harmful chemicals. Technology and online updates can reduced it, he asserted. Technology should use to yield farm in lower cost and less land. Mobile app like Mannu, RuBSIS, Kshemam etc., Climate Resilience Farming (CRF) practices and other online websites eNAM, Kisanpoint, farmer portal etc. could be used to get solution and timely information about climate change and marketplace, Dr. Ashraf purposed.
Scope of food technology
• Entrepreneurs have a scope in the field of agro-technology as the rural India is unaware of the use of latest technology.
• Some of the renowned areas of agro-technology have potential of business and social values.
• It’s a lucrative opportunity of having Investment plans for exploring the solutions of better productivity due to lack of labor force, increasing population growth and appetite, said professor.
• Smarter ideas like improving irrigation, farming opportunity, organic supply to others cities and processing to logistics and equipment etc. have endless opportunity to expand their business, Jakkar mentioned.
• Industry experts feel the scope of automation in agriculture. This time should utilize to develop latest and cost-effective equipment.
Crafters technologies Pvt Ltd.
Ashish khan is the founder of this indoor agro-technological industry. He said that We are working for the urban to produce a verity of agriproducts and to empower people to frown fresh food.

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