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Revitalization Survey on Agriculture Land Reserve and Agriculture Land Commission

Purpose of survey
For the revival of ALC and ALR, public review is taken. This is for the purpose of improving land by maintenance the drawbacks. Online survey and consultation method will use and 10 themes will be deducted from the whole data. The province is looking for the issues to resolve and to improve the agriculture land commission and reserve. B.C agriculture minister Lana Popham also emphasis on the revitalization to improve agriculture quality in her last summer address.
Committee Aim
Popham organized a nine members Committee on Monday and assigned a task to provide government with advice and policies about legislative change. This committee will also collect data by surveying online and through consultation paper on revitalizing of ALC and ALR. Survey the farmers and ranchers, talked with the eater, reviewed the food security, paid heed to the local government and those who cared about the developments in agriculture industry and food security.
Themes deduction
10 themes are deducted from the survey and consultation paper. These are
• non-farm uses and resource extraction
• ALC independence
• B.C.'s agricultural contribution
• ALR resilience, residential uses
• unauthorized uses
• farm processing and sales
• food security
Agriculture Land Reserve is basically an area spanning 4.6 million hectares. In this area the importance of agriculture is the basically the main use of it; non-agricultural purposes are just a side-advantage.
Agriculture Land Commission is responsible for managing the ALR. It works like administration of ALR.
For conducting survey and consultation paper, Popham gave a deadline that is end of April. Committee will collect consultation paper from farmers and ranchers. Survey will be conducted online. Final report will be provided by committee at the end of 2018 to Popham.
Popham, Agriculture minister, is expecting from people to highlight major issues like increased assessments on ALR land and mega homes. As she herself highlight the issue of mega homes. She said, after collecting data by consultation paper, committee will suggest some better ideas to preserve or revival of agriculture land by potential change of legislation, laws and framework of ALR and ALC.
Division of ALR
In 2014, ALR is divided into two zones by the amendment in the ALC act. Popham didn’t confirm this division rather she disagreed to divide the ALR zone into two. This 2014 move should be reserved by provincial government to augment the purposes served by ALC and ALR. Popham reviewed about this move of dividing zones that it led the agriculture land to ruin. Revitalization is her concentration nowadays and any target to change legislative will be late 2018 to early 2019.

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