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Agro-Technological Advancements In Samoa

Agricultural technical Cooperation project started due to edible stuff like vegetables, seeds (processed foods) and animal product import in Samoa. The annual import is 1/4th of total import stuff to Samoa. A four phase project (agricultural technical cooperation project) has been started in the consideration of this import demand. The phases four project (Agricultural technical Cooperation project) was launched in June 2017 and planned for three years till May 2020.
This project aims to decrease import demand of vegetables. An agricultural expedition comprising of 25 people was sent by government to Samoa for the project implementation purpose reported by head of the agricultural technical Cooperation project Mr. Jim.
Establishment and purpose
The project head reported that this is project set one Chinese agricultural farms, nine agricultural station, improving seeds cultivation technology and training programs up. This project intents to considerably increase the production and quality of vegetables, decrease vegetables import, substitute vegetables import, stabilize food security and increase local farmers’ income by acquainting marketable vegetables varieties, adoptable agriculture technology, agro-machineries and facilitates.
Future plans of the project
Extension of this project to other villages like Upolu and Savai’ with 100 demonstration farms units of which 60 tunnel houses and 50 shade houses will be constructed. These planning about future make a track to anchor in agricultural industries and successfully routed to country’s economy. Each unit demonstration farm will consist of two tunnel houses with drip irrigation system, or one shade house with sprinkling system, or one agriculture machinery.
Field or area
The old Chinese demonstration farm of Nu’u village will be upgraded to technological advancement and fortify itself in four main areas mentioned below:
o The base of seed production
o The window of Chinese agricultural technology demonstration
o The platform of agriculture exchange and cooperation
o Agricultural training centers for farmers
These areas or fields will practically help to extend the agricultural technical cooperation project and will strengthen its route firmly.
Market trends
To introduce vegetables varieties that are adaptable to local environment and trending the way to market is also the part of this project. The demanding vegetables like Italy lettuce, head cabbage, Chinese cabbage, pakchoi, tomato, watermelon, ginger, onion, cucumber, pumpkin, eggplant, carrot, capsicum, sweet corn, okra and many others will be cultivated in this project by using agriculture technological advancement to reduce import size.
Role of Agricultural machinery
To assess the need of agricultural machinery it is decided that 110 sets of agricultural machineries will be provided in order to improve soil, produce vegetables and process agricultural products.
Training Programs
In this project, there is a room for training also. 6000 persons including technical staff and farmers will be trained. The purpose of training is to familiarize the staff members and farmers with the agricultural technology and agricultural machinery. The training will provide intellectual achievements, operating manual of agricultural machineries and the material of varieties of vegetables production.

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