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Trans-Pacific Partnership & Japan Agriculture Industry

In Japan, consumers groups and farmers are being feared of the consequences caused by the TPP or Trans Pacific Partnership trade agreement. Japan is expecting a possible signing by the month of March, and is forwarding this agreement. This agreement is forwarded to United States to, even that the Donald Trump considered the negotiations of the pact into chaos. Some of the farmers of the Japan believe that this agreement may result in the weakening of some of the laws of the japan including GMOs, genetically modified organisms. On the other hand, we see that this agreement may also result in the domestic agricultural sector to compete with multinational firms.
Campaigns in opposition of GMOs:
Genetically modified organism and its story have led to the city campaigns. The union that is actively working and advocating for the GMOs is the CUJ, Consumers union of Japan. This union became even more active when the government passes the approval for the domestic sale of the imported genetically modified food that is soya bean, corn and the other grains as well. The union of Japan was completely against the TPP. Moreover, when the high percentage of the genetically modified food reached in Japan the rainbow papaya became available. Afterwards, when people got aware to the fact that how it was altered genetically, they protested. The protest was not only done by the ordinary people but also by media and the citizen groups against the genetically modification of the fruit.
Corporate seeds – A threat to food security:
Japan passes a law regarding the seeds, known as the seed law. In this law, it was included that there will be no seed that is outside from the Japan, rather Japan will grow its own seeds, means it will be locally produced. This will not happen that the seeds were brought from the outside markets that are mostly produced genetically. But we see that this law was being abolished by some organizations. This created a road for the multinational corporation to sell their seeds to the farmers of the local market of Japan. It was believed that if farmers follow this path (to buy seeds from Multinational Corporation) then will definitely face issues, as we see in India.
One more thing that is alarming is farmers will rely more and more on the private sector instead of planting locally. On the other hand when we look at the side of the consumers we see a fear in them. The consumers do not believe in the multinational corporations because according to them they only want to generate their profit and not care about the health of people.
TPP & Japan:
TPP has proved to be high stake negotiations for Japan. The reason behind it is to solidify the trade and investment too for the future deals of the country. It is also said that if the TPP fails to move forward into the country, then Japan will definitely loose opportunity to build norms and values in that region or area. While at the other side of the story the opposition seems to be continued by consumer groups.

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