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Development Of A Sustainable System Discharging Low Emissions

In order to maintain the balance in socio economic development of the country, an authentic power supply must be ensured. This can only be done by the effective and efficient use of the resources. The demand for energy has increased drastically but unfortunately the production of it has failed to grow in the same ratio. At one of the conference of Viet Nam, the experts advised to use the available resources in the best possible way. Undoubtedly this one is the most essential source for the economic development.
Steps taken by different nations for the conversion on solar technology:
We must learn from what others have done. Germany is one such country that is the biggest consumer of the solar energy. They encourage everyone to do the optimum use of solar energy. Domestic users are provided with incentives. They are being offered high net metering rates.
United states also offer such kind of benefits. On the other hand Dubai has recently signed a solar program. The financing done is very cheap. The rate in Africa is even less which is 4 cents because of cheap debt.
Bangladesh too has emphasized on the use of solar technology. They have encouraged this method by making such policies.
Responsibility of the Government:
It is the duty of the government to implement these projects with due care. Only provision of policies is not enough, they have to implement on the set policies. Among the effective policies net metering is also one of them, which is already in place.
Unfortunately there is a lack of implementation of it because of some technical as well as commercial concerns at the distribution. The moment, it is applied a rooftop conversion on solar will be seen. Solar solutions must be accessible to everyone, therefore government should make ease in the consumer financing so that people will not have to face difficulties while purchasing.
In order to solve the limitation regarding the infrastructure, the government can take steps for the distributed generation policy. It means the production of the electricity at the point of consume instead of being at a centralized locality.
Issues affecting the solar industry of Pakistan:
There are many users who are constantly trying to implement it for their own benefit. At the same time, the issue is the bad quality of the equipment which has resulted in uncertainty. For now, government has not provided any coherent policy on the induction, therefore this further means that a lot of hazardous experimentation is on its way and such efforts must be done that can reduce the possibilities of it.
It is not useless to say that Pakistan is among those fortunate countries which have ample resources of solar energy. The availability of the sunlight is for approximately 8 to 10 hours especially in the areas of Sindh and Balochistan. The amount of land is no less for utility scale generation.

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