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Technology Parks Facilitating Development Of Agriculture In Pakistan

There was no significant trend of establishing technology parks in Pakistan. The term park was only comprehended as a play area for kids and recreation place for families. But with the inclusion of technology in every field of life, technology parks are being established in Pakistan. First, this trend was limited to the big cities only, but now technology parks are being constructed in other developing cities too.

Turkey funding technology parks

Recently an MOU has been signed by a Turkish company with the provincial government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa to build two technology parks in the province. Bear in mind that it is one of the less developed provinces of the country. Parks are due to be set up in Quetta and Mardan.

These parks will serve the purposes of providing employment to the local population, providing a clean recreational place, fostering dependence on external aid, bringing awareness to the public, promoting trends of research in the fields of agriculture and information technology.

Impact on agricultural development

Setting up of technology parks in Pakistan will have a positive impact on agriculture sector and it's development. It is a good sign that other countries are proposing such developments in Pakistan which will boost the development of agriculture and industry in the region. It will also aid the economic development and create new jobs in these areas.

These purpose built parks will emphasize the research and development in agriculture and serve the purpose of bringing the agriculture to new dimensions. There is very limited trend of using modern methods and technologies in the agricultural landscape of Pakistan. These parks will serve as a catalyst to bring the innovations and technology into Pakistan's agriculture.

Along with the modern industries, agriculture facilities will be set up there. This will also lend a helping hand to the declining quality exports of the country. R&D institutes and markets will also be set up in these IT parks to gain maximum advantage from their establishment.

Another good sign is that these technology parks are being set up in areas where there are limited similar facilities for the local people; so these will be welcomed by the local populace. They will improve the region's agriculture sector manifold.

It will be a long while before the community can reap the benefits of these technology parks but still it is a good progress, and a step towards hopeful future.

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