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Smog In Pakistan And Its Effects On The Agriculture

Effects Of Smog On Everyday Life
The heavy smog in all different parts of Pakistan is affecting everyday life very badly. It is causing numerous health issues as people are being exposed to increased levels of polluted smog. It is not just human life that is suffering at the hands of this polluted fog, but the livestock is also incurring diseases because of breathing this polluted air.
As the visibility reduces significantly due to smog, unprecedented traffic issues are also being caused. Distance of minutes has to be covered in hours because of poor visibility during night, early morning and evening. Several casualties are being reported in traffic accidents during peak hours of smog. Power outages have also increased because of it.
Causes Of Smog
Overall the economy is suffering badly due to this climate change. There is little scientific evidence regarding the accurate causes of this polluted fog. While some experts blame the coal fire power plants in India for these adverse climatic circumstances, others believe that it is being caused by the sand and dust storms in Middle Eastern countries. Burning of agriculture waste, smoke emitting traffic, uncontrolled pollution, poor implementation of environmental laws, improper disposal of industrial waste, indifference from general public and numerous other factors have all played their part into worsening the environmental issues in Pakistan.
Adverse Effects On Agriculture
Winter crops in Pakistan are also suffering at the hands of this deadly smog. The field workers are unable to work in the fields like they used to before. The villagers who work at the crop fields used to start their work way before dawn, take a break near mid day and wind it up by afternoon. This has been the practice for generations. Now the early risers cannot start their agriculture work in pre-dawn hours because the heavy smog makes the air unbreathable and the working conditions are not proper till the sun has risen for 3-4 hours.
The crops and their yields are also being affected due to this air pollution. A significant decline in quality of agriculture produce has also been predicted. With decline in quality, it will be difficult for Pakistani exports to make their way to foreign markets. Standing crops are also being poorly affected by this fogy condition.
Smog in the current year is worse than last few years and it is a sorry state of affairs that such fogy winters are expected in Pakistan and neighboring countries for coming years too. Very little effort is being put into making things better. Government as well as the layman are complaining about it, but taking very little practical steps to improve the situation at large.

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