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Dependence Of Pakistan's Agricultural Produce On Water

Agriculture is considered as the backbone of every economy. It basically relies on major crops of country. Sometimes there are huge gaps between acquired and actual output. It may suffer due to unavailability of water and land usage. It significantly reduces the amount of production.

When a country is using its resources such as land and water efficiently, it can easily improve agricultural production. Appropriate quality and quantity of water is significant for the production of crops, livestock and others. It is also very essential for processing and preparation of food. On the other hand, water is important for all type of environment which includes forest and lakes. Simultaneously agriculture is the largest water user globally.

Effect of climate on water availability:

Furthermore a change in climate will have an impact on agriculture by increasing the demand of water. It will also limit crop productivity. Change in climate will bring greater variation in weather more frequently. Farmers are finding new solutions in regard to water scarcity. Various adaption deals with climate variability to create flexibility to climate change. Countries that are facing water scarcity need to create strategies that consider deficit problem. Thus the productivity basically lies on efficient use of resources such as land and water.

Regardless of water shortages, misuse of water is so common. Large cities and industrialized economies are facing this problem due to mismanaging of water resources. Additionally water logging is reducing the productivity of irrigated lands. So when there is a decrease in water flows, it reduces hydro electric power generation. Much water is reserved from rivers and lakes which are then used for irrigation purpose.

Dams help to increase water supply:

Dams are basically used to provide a store of water for agriculture and for industrial usage. They act as an alternative to non renewable energy resources. There are multiple uses of dams like it is helpful in the irrigation of crops. It controls flooding and supply water. It helps to increase efficiency level and reduce the environmental damage. However water supply dams are not too good in reaching the intended level of operation. Population is growing day by day and other water uses are mining groundwater resources; ground water dams store water under river beds which is helpful.

Water logging also limits the output that can be produced with irrigation efforts. Progressive farmers are growing high value crops in which water plays a significant role in attaining desired levels of output.

Water use efficiency:

A lot of water vanishes from river beds, lakes and rivers. The reason behind this problem is technical deficiencies and human failure. A lot of water is lost in seepage because beds and sides are not properly lined. Most of the time water efficient techniques are not used properly then it directly affects the agriculture system. Thus best irrigation practices should be implemented to enhance water efficiency.

Solutions available:
The policy makers should pay attention to saving the usable water and storing it in a proper way. Dams should be constructed to deal with the forecasted problems of water shortage. Public awareness campaigns should also be conducted to mobilize the people to save water too.

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