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Renewable Energy Resources Are The Answer To Pakistan’s Energy Crisis

Pakistan is struggling on many fronts; Economic growth is one of these. Pakistan is a growing economy in many aspects and it has suffered from the energy shortage since the last decade. Energy is a key element in socioeconomic development of any country. The situation has worsened over time. Many industries and workshops have experienced a setback due to power shortage. The country faced huge losses as the exporters have been unable to cope up with their clients’ demands because of fluctuating or no power supply.
The energy contribution per capita has not been very encouraging. Many of the rural areas do not have access to electricity and urban areas have been facing hours of load shedding since quite some years. This entire scenario indicates that energy production should be a priority in state affairs. Different governments have been trying to increase the energy production, but again have been focusing mainly on the conventional measures that have been in use earlier.
Most of the countries around the world are shifting to renewable sources nowadays. The most important feature is that the energy production from renewable sources does not have any adverse effects on the environment; no greenhouse gases are produced in the procedure and there are no wastes. In addition, they also cut expenses spent on fossil fuels and play an important role in saving these fuel reserves from exhaustion. They can drastically cut our reliance on vulnerable fossil fuels which comprise options like coal, oil and natural gas.
Solar Energy
Pakistan is blessed with abundant sunlight all through the year in most of its regions. Solar energy is counted as the most viable source, which is absolutely free and totally clean. The photovoltaic (PV) technology can be employed on both domestic and industrial scale for power generation. This PV technology is feasible even for installation in remote areas.
Wind Energy
There are many areas in Pakistan that have copious wind howling through which can be utilized to generate electricity. The 1100 kilometers coast line in Pakistan is a huge opportunity to generate energy from wind power. This corridor is present in the southern region of our country. The wind speed in this wind strip reaches up to 14 m/s. This southern coastal wind corridor alone can serve to generate energy not only to fulfill energy demands of consumers in its own region but also other areas.
Tidal Energy
Tidal energy is a rather expensive, yet still a renewable resource to generate power. The coastal areas in the southeastern and western part of the country have huge and lively sea waves which can be utilized to produce power. Another drawback is that this source is sporadic and cannot be relied on for a continuous and smooth flow of power.
There are numerous future prospects in the field of renewable energy generation. The challenges or hazards need to be addressed as soon as possible to overcome the current energy crisis in the country.

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