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Lets Grow Together; Dawn Pakistan Food & Agri Expo

Agriculture is one of the main occupations in Pakistan. Almost more than half the population is involved directly or indirectly to the agricultural sector. This includes all the concerned areas like cultivation, distribution and exports etc.
The Dawn Media Group in collaboration with the Punjab Government held a two day exhibition and conference with the theme, “Greening the Value Chain – Agriculture Economy and Food Systems.” The conference was addressed by renowned speakers from home and abroad and was attended by a number of keen participants.
The Dawn Group initiated the event back in 2012, and since then it has evolved into a major occasion awaited by different sectors of the local agricultural and food industry. The exhibition has seen much diversity and development since its inception six years ago. All the core components and segments interact for the betterment of the agricultural industry in Pakistan. This in turn also augments export possibilities. The traders explore new horizons and consumer markets as well as latest means of supply and delivery.
The event provides an excellent platform to the farmers, traders, researchers from both the government and private sector to get together. With the research and development occurring at a fast rate, it is vital to keep pace with the latest technology and modern techniques.
The farmers and landowners get to explore innovative ways to improve their modes of cultivation and growth as well as prevention against potential hazards. They can learn about new techniques of farming, easier harvesting and much more. Business owners from poultry, dairy livestock also ascertain ways to improve produce and supply quality products. The horticulture sector also participates as it has emerged as an imperative part of agricultural sector.
Food industry in Pakistan claims second place in the manufacturing realm, and is growing faster than ever. It makes a fundamental part of the agricultural industry now. They are the key processor and provider of the farming products to the end consumer in both raw and processed forms. Since last year, food industry has been amalgamated with the rest of the partners in the growth and cultivation sector.
The traders and distributors also discover novel opportunities through such experiences. They can recognize better ways of procurement, delivery and distribution. They can survey the demand and supply market and then devise strategies accordingly.
The juncture is also a tremendous opportunity for the researchers and academic circles for sharing information and experiences. The event provides them an opportunity to engage productive dialogue and propagate constructive and informative experiences. They can discuss the current practices and more innovative ways to improve them.
The agricultural expo also attracts local and international investors to explore new perspectives and probabilities. Different local and international companies exhibit their equipment, machinery and other related products and services. On the whole, the expo has been a successful event and drives all the stakeholders together for a better future. It addresses the current issues and practices imperative for improvement and development.

Agriculture Pakistan; Dawn Agriculture Expo