A Closer Look at Our Joint Venture in Pakistan

A renewable energy

From crops to energy


Biomass power generation unlocks the vast energy reserves that are currently being wasted to generate clean electricity. Using these plant-based waste products as energy inputs has the potential to drastically change agriculture by unlocking new value for farmers.


Biomass power generation harnesses the combustible nature of agricultural waste to fire gasifiers and gas turbines that generate clean electricity. This electricity in turns helps kickstart economic growth in energy-starved communities.

Our Waste

Collection process

EnMass Energy's biomass distribution and collection network currently spans the length and breadth of Pakistan, which gives us the flexibility to adjust to seasonal changes and crop failures. Our network allows us to procure biomass feedstock directly from small subsistence farmers, which reduces costs and delivers full value to the small farmers who at stuck at the bottom of the poverty pyramid. We empower them so that we can return the favor with the supply of clean and renewable electricity.

A more efficient way to produce electricity

Using waste materials

Electricity generation be both efficient and renewable. What better way to produce electricity efficiently and renewable than through the use of waste products? Not only is our process carbon neutral, we’ve worked hard over years of research and development to optimzie our biomass power generation technology so that we deliver electricity at the lowest possible cost.

Clean and sustainable energy for everyone

The end result of our work is a constant supply of carbon-neutral renewable electricity that benefits everyone, from our clients to the people living in local communities. Our vision is about more than just generating electricity: we want to lift people from energy poverty while improving the local environment and providing local communities with economic benefits through new revenue streams and high quality jobs.