Agricultural Practices Over Time

If you will ask your grandparents that how they used to get their food, they might have a different answer to this question than you. You might be wondering why it is so. It’s because the agricultural methods have changed over time.

Approximately there are 7.3 billion people in the whole world with a projected population reaching more than 8.5 billion in 2030 and 9.7 by the year 2050. That’s a big amount that needs to be fed. The changes and advancements made in the agricultural system have provided the solution to this particular need of feeding the population with nutritious food.

Agriculture over a period of time

Before 200 years ago people used to live on the farm lands and produced food for themselves. But as of today only 2 percent of the population is doing so which was previously 90%. This is a big change in the number of people that are associated with food production and making certain that everyone gets enough to eat. Now farmers are using technologies to make advancements in food production process to provide sufficient food sources to the growing population.

With the usage of this technology every farmer is capable to feed approximately 155 people today as compared to the number of people in 1940’s when a single farmer was able to feed only 19 people. Famers are using technologies such as the motorized equipment’s, improved housing for the biotechnology and animals, that is useful for agricultural improvement. Better technologies are allowing farmers to feed a large number of people and need a less number of people to work at farms to feed their respective families.

Changes in equipment

The changes made to the equipment’s used in agricultural processes have made a major contribution on the way farmers are able to grow crops and food. Previously, farmers used to do field work by hand or with the horse drawn equipment’s. This task requires a long time for its completion that means the farms used to be smaller as the farmers were able to work on a small piece of land. Horses and cows were not very fast and also as they were animals so they also get tired and need rest to recover from the hard work they do.

Farmers today

Farmers now a day are using tractors and other motorized equipment’s to make their field work easy. Tractors, plows, combines are big and work faster as compared to horses and cows. So famers are capable of producing more amount of food in a shorter period of time. Still with the advancements these machines needs to be taken care off because they will break down just like cars but on the other hand they can run for a much longer time and need no recovery periods. Even the way farm animals are raised and fed have also changed in the current time period. With the research conducted over animals scientists have discovered the type of housing that is comfortable for an animal.

One thing that is same for agriculture today is that most of the farms are family owned and all the farmers are working really hard to bring the most healthy and affordable food to you from their farms.

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