Pakistan Agriculture and New Technology

An under developing country like Pakistan it takes long time to change practices in any field so that in agricultural field too it will take time. In this flourishing era, farmers of Pakistan are using old technologies in their farms.

Why to adopt new technology?

Old techniques cause a huge wastage of water in Pakistan. All over the world the water scarcity is increasing at frightening level. There is a report tells the consumption of water in farming is almost 70% but in Pakistan this percentage is 90 of which 50% is wasted due to poor irrigation.

Cooperate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Cooperate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives are now helping Pakistani farmers to adopt new technologies. There are many multinational Fast Moving Consumer Goods Companies (FMCGC) are growing their stakes in agriculture and livestock. They are trying to make farmers up to date with technology to get maximum yield with minimum input.

CSR initiatives and Government helping farmers adopt modern practices

Drip irrigation method is used in modern countries but in Pakistan some corporate level farmers are using this. Due to scarce resources of water, provincial governments including Punjab government are contracting with multinational companies to take steps and implement drip irrigation methods. Many high efficiency irrigation methods like furrow irrigation, sprinkled are also in list. Nestle and Punjab agriculture department alliance to implement these new technologies. Cost will be shared, 60% of cost will be covered by government and 40% by Nestle. Drip irrigation had been applied to 68 acres of land by the end of 2017, which helped in saving up to 140 million liters of water. By the end of 2019, it is expected that 400 million liters of water will be saved by promoting drip irrigation over 185 acres of land.

These companies are also working in agriculture research. A Nestle team has invented Smart Soil Moisture which tells about the water level of soil so that farmers will come to know how much and when to irrigate. A software is also developed that will remotely tell moisture level of soil on the computer screens of farmers and researcher. By using these technologies the consumption of water will be adequate. It will reduce the chance of over irrigation. Product line of Nestle is increasing day by day in Pakistan so now they are depending on native raw material, that’s why they are investing in new agriculture technology to get good quality raw material.

New Entrepreneurs

These modern technologies can set a trend for entrepreneur to come back into fields. Zeeshan Ahmed was doing job in bank but now he is running his business in his father’s field. He said, nothing is more lucrative than doing business in agriculture branch. In business it is also necessary to satisfy your customer and consumer in agriculture to make them satisfy, new technologies should use. Any business grow when there is competition among entrepreneurs. In

Pakistan its bad luck in agriculture that the farmers are not fully aware of technology. It’s mandatory to start campaigns to aware our farmers.


Seventy percent population of Pakistan is from agriculture background but Pakistan is not one of the leading countries in agriculture world because research work is thin line. Government is taking some forward steps but these are not sufficient. It’s time to make our agriculture industry prosperous. Firstly implement new technologies in all over country then start research works to lead the agricultural world.

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