What is EnMass Energy?

We are a start-up micro-utility focused on generating baseload electricity using
agricultural waste products. Our projects are designed to help reduce energy
poverty and mitigate climate change.

EnMass Energy & Innovation

Innovation doesn’t just refer to new technologies: it also entails new ways of living — doing things better and more efficiently. At EnMass, innovation is at the core of everything we do . . .

We turn agricultural waste into productive inputs to create jobs, produce electricity, reduce greenhouse
gas emissions, and improve soil quality. Our projects bring economic, social, and environmental benefits
to local communities around the world.

Global Change and Local Focus

Traditional power projects provide energy services to locals, but are often associated with several
externalities such as local pollution, toxic air emissions, and dangerous greenhouse gas emissions.
Our projects are different . . .

We produce electricity using agricultural waste — a process that is carbon neutral, produces little to no harmful air
emissions, and creates new economic opportunities for small communities. Using a process that is 100% sustainable, our
projects result in both local and global benefits.

Our Partners

EnMass Energy works with a variety of organizations across the globe dedicated to solving energy insecurity and energy poverty from agricultural biomass.

Alliance for Rural Electrification

Brussels, Belgium

Oasis Energy

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Power Africa

Washington, DC

Sustinable Energy for All

New York, NY

Telenor Group

Fornebu, Norway

UPM - Umwelt Projekt Management

Munich, Germany


Islamabad, Pakistan


Saskatoon, Canada

World Wildlife Fund - Pakistan

Islamabad, Pakistan

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